Dark City

I have a dark girl living inside me. Sometimes I get an itch and I find myself ensconced in black, black, and more black. My little dive into darkness was spurned on by this adorable little hat I found at Kiki’s Closet yesterday. I look at it jauntily perched on my head and a look came instantly to mind.

Awhile back I had blogged about my meeting with Rosemary Galabraith of Rosemar. That first night I had also bought this dress. It comes in other colors but the grey so struck me that it is what I had to go with. It has this down to there back and a prim collar, though it is not needed the system shirt bodice without it has a sequined T-Strap collar. The skirt has just the right amount of flow and is not quite floor length, well unless you are a shorty :) On me it was just a little bit above my ankles. I put on some tall boots and I had a very Stevie Nicks moment. Am I dating myself, no, I just like her look. /me smokily sings Landslide as she dances away…

Wearing ~

Hat – FLIRT Dresshat in black stripe from kiki’s closet
Dress – Overkill Gown – Grey from Rosemar
Wristlets – Skulls N Ribbons Wraps from Draconic Kiss
Shoes – Fetish Boots from C-Shoes

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