Radiant Rosemar

I have but a few content creators on my list of friends. A couple I spoke to a time ago and have not happened upon again, but then there are a few that I have popped in on a few times. One of them is Rosemary Galbraith. I have posted blogs about her before, she is truly just delightful and I think she really has something in her style of creation. I have seen other posts about her clothes and skins, most about how wonderful she was for giving out 12 free skins from her Creampuff line. Hungrily the skins were snatched up and tucked away but I don’t know how many have really taken the time to look at the 60 skins that make up just one of her skin tones.

I spent about a hour at her shop over the weekend trying on demos from each generation. I will admit I was lead there because she had given me a coupon towards a purchase but when it came down to it I found more and bought more. I messaged her after my first purchase and we began talking about how her skins had progressed. If you have not taken a close look at the last set 51-60, you are missing out. As I see it she has achieved the perfectly shaped mouth. The lip colors are also not like anything else I have seen, particularly 51 and 52, they have an almost iridescence quality. The smokey eyes, a personal fave, have interesting colors as well and the crease is well done. Rosemary said she was really pleased with how they turned out and has found that they work really well on a great many shapes. The skin looks like I actually built my shape around it; I think this bodes well for the creator and shows a high level of skill.

Rosemary was nice enough to give me a skin of my choosing. I picked this lovely 28 in the Whiskey tone. The lips have a beautiful red shine and the eyes are almost cat-like. Individual skins are amazingly priced at 800L. For that price you receive not one, not two, but FIVE skins. Five differently drawn eyebrows, thin smooth brown and black, a messy brown Jennifer Connolly style (they actually look incredible), a thicker light black and brown. Top notch! You really must head over to Rosemar and try them on for yourself.

Wearing ~

Head piece – Harness (Horse) from Minnu Model Skins
Boa – Black Feather Boa from Simone
Gloves – TORA Gloves R&W from booN
Bra – Mary Undies in sheer red from Devilish Cupcake
Pants – High Waisted Black and White Striped Pants from Gigi Couture
Shoes – Wedge Pumps in red from ETD

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