I have a gripe…

I am really not one to rant about things. In my real life, well that is a different story, but in my virtual life well it’s really not that important. Things bug me, I think about commenting, and then think, ‘Whatever, it so doesn’t matter’. Without completely giving away to the situation, I am part of a group. Said group is a completely open forum for discussion of anything of our choosing within a certain bent. The moderator only gives us direction to follow a few simple “housekeeping” items. Now there are some in said group that I am convinced, just love to hear themselves talk. They have to be first to comment on everything, picturize themselves constantly, and generally think everyone really cares. Time and time again I get sucked in and read the ramblings and yes I know “If I don’t like it don’t read it” That is simply the stupidest thing I have ever heard, it is our human nature that makes us curious (though I do a fine job of avoiding the gawking crap at wrecks on the highway) I’m gonna read it if it is in front of me.

Yes, people LOVE to hear themselves talk. They like to give people a peek into their otherwise completely boring lives when frankly no one really cares. I will admit, I probably do the same. I also see that sometimes people say things that they HAVE to know from the get go is going to cause MAJOR waves in our little drama laden fashion community. Such attention grabbing moves erk me to no end. Opinion-schminion, you are doing it on purpose and we fall like dominoes trying to get our two-cents in. Well some will clammer to do so, others just sit back and watch the drama unfold, morph into mudslinging and underhanded antics that remind us of a catty bunch of grade schoolers.

This little rant of mine will in no way change what and how people are, it is more for my venting and getting things off my chest. I cannot be the only one who feels this way and if I am well I am none the wiser. There I said it, made my peace, and I am am letting it go or I am at least gonna try! o.O

= = = = *
Oh and no one cares about your burgeoning inventory and the fact that you went ape-shit at hunt time. it’s called restraint. Thanks for again pointing out that some of the stuff you got on the above mentioned hunts was crap. I think we all got that idea the other day when you blogged about the Starlust Motel freebs. I certainly didn’t think this was an exit because your inventory is so bloated that you will not be out scrapping the barrel for new goodies. Thank goodness you will continuing blogging, boy yeah…was super worried (dramatic eye roll) And lastly, what and how did ANYTHING you just said have ANYTHING to do with fashion and why on the Metaverse did you post that crap to Fashion Planet? Oh that’s right, I think you think people really care. Pardon, I’m sure some do.

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