Cream of the Crop

I love music! My virtual world plays a big part in that. I am not really one to go and see live performances, though I have been to a few that were quite good, I just don’t go regularly. What I do partake in is the land media stream. I always have it turned on and while on my adventures I have heard some things I am very familiar with and a great many times I am happy to have found something I have never heard of! All of that lead me to ChouChou. It is a very desolate place, there are a few objects on the almost submerged sandbar: a sparse tree, as cage without a bird, a seemingly endless ladder that leads to…..

The ladder actually leads to something wonderful but that is for another post. I used this great back drop today to highlight some great finds in the same sim in which I discovered ChouChou’s music, Koenji. Creamshop offers some incredibly funky and outstandingly well made goods. I bought both the skirt and the gigantic earrings when I was at Relay for Life, but I have long been a fan of Creamshop. The skirt is a high waisted sculpted piece. I love the seemingly mismatched patterns and odd mix of gold and grey. The earrings are huge and would probably KILL me in a non virtual playground. They look enameled and heavy and absolutely glamorous! Oh and come in a slightly smaller size as well for the one price.

If you have never been to Creamshop, first I would wonder what virtual world you have been living in and second what you are waiting for? There are many locations to visit! I suggest hitting them all and then branching out to the other shops as the cream has certainly risen to the top and we all know it’s about location, location, location!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Glam earring in white from creamshop
Blouse – Boyfriend Buttondown from Blaze
Skirt – Gold dot skirt in white from creamshop
Stockings – Stocking metal in Black-Blue from Glanz
Shoes – Talyn in grey from enkythings

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