Setting Sail

Ahoy mateys. Yes I know, there was more corn in that than an Iowa corn field. I had to do it though. This outfit started with my desire to wear pants. I have been wearing alot of skirts and dresses and well I love pants and I had yet to wear the gift Alla Ruff had given her group, the Jeanius pants. They are in a word genius! What is not to love about them? Nice gold accents in the form of buttons and thread detailing down the legs and around the pockets. Let me just mention, they give fantastic buns! The sculpty flared pant cuffs also has the perfect soft edge to them and are big but not ridiculously so.

Since I was going with a very hand drawn pant I needed something equally so in a top. Thimbles came immediately to mind and this halter tank was exactly what I was wanting. This top is sold as a set with cornflower blue. There are mega options in colors and so affordable that I think I will head back for a few more sets.

What nautical themed outfit, well maybe it’s just me but i think it’s screaming nautical, would be complete without a little sailor hat? None I tell you so I had to find one. My McHunky friend Batts led me to that big out of world shopping center we all love (sorry I’m just not gonna say it) 35 smackers kids, sculpty and 100% modifiable. You must get one! I would also recommend picking up a McHunky Batts, what a sweet guy, he bought me this set of poses from Digital Dragon. Every girl should have one of him!

Wearing ~

Hat – Sailor Hat from Smoothie Kidd
Earrings – Dangle Balls in gold from Yummy (gnubie)
Necklace – Nautical Charm Necklace from Yummy
Top – Haltura tee in pink from Thimbles
Pants – Jeanius Pants Speckled Denim from Veschi
Shoes – AC Cheerie Sweet Activity from Aphrodite Creations

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