Just Call Me Boss

This took me far too long to come up with. Actually the outfit came together relatively easy it was the skin I was having a terrible time with. And though I love this skin from Symphony it is still not what I was looking for. I guess I will have to go shopping…. /me really looks upset about that! Now that I really look at this outfit, it is more of “I have never worn this” stuff. I realize I need to be changing my outfit like 4 times a night.

I was going for a sort of sexy business woman I started with the tank, which you can’t really see. it is a really neat lace and glitter combination. Comes in a pack of black, pink and white. Would have loved it in a wine red but the white worked well with this outfit. I added side lined pants in a grey tweed, I love the look of a front crease, it makes them look so crisp. Finished it off with a tailored jacket and simple jewels that lead your eyes. I’m off for some skin shopping!!

Wearing ~

Earrings – White Double Design Ornament Earrings from Bonita’s
Necklace – Antique Floral Locket from Coquette
Top – Tank Tops 02 in White Glitter from Kitties Lair
Jacket – Boardroom Barracuda Jacket from Last Call
Side Line Slacks from :: ? :: Unknown Boutique

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