A Stalkers Payoff

Yes, it is completely and utterly true, I stalk Kesseret Steeplechase. Who can blame me? I set up camp outside her store and nary left my post; I patiently wait for her to release new goodies. Now, I am not sure if she was simply being kind or just trying to get me away from her but she gave me said goodies. Seems funny, isn’t it typically the other way around? Isn’t it the stalker who usually gives the gift? /me refers back to Swirly’s Stalker Guide.
Now on to the goodies! If you have not been to her shop and groped her Sub-scribo-machine-of-love, well shame on you, she’s generous to her group. You also should go in and talk to the kitty cat. He gives you treats if you talk to him. (If you have no idea what I am talking about visit her blog, link below) I grabbed some of the most lovely items from Kess so much so that I could not fit them all in one blog. I will spring more on you in a few days. As I have stated before her jewelry is all menu driven to change metal and gemstones. I have a very keen interest in scripted jewelry because the options are seemingly endless. Below I have chosen 4 pieces including the in store gift and one of her new releases Circe.

In store gift Clothos Necklace set to Platinum and Black Obsidian
Marissa Pink Pearl set to Zirconium and Ruby
Allie Ring set to Platinum and Tanzanite
Circe set to Gold and Sapphire

Beautiful baubles and worth a serious look. Visit her store in Hale Kuai and her blog at KessKreations. Best to not tell her Cerrie sent you, I hear the restraining order is pretty all Cerrie encompassing! LOL

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