For the Love of a Man and His Boots

During my day I keep an eye on the feeds, my favorite blogs and I catch up on others and generally nose around. When I log in world I do the hunt and gather thing, make notes on stores and hop skip and jump around. Yesterday was no different but then I was at a bit of a lull when I recalled an odd half message from a few days ago. CCTV Giant of ShoeFly had sent a message saying something along the lines of whoops he had forgotten the LM. Well I never got the first part of the message, this required investigation. I could be missing out of fabulous shoes, perish the thought.

Drat, search is not working for me. So I kindly message CC and beg a limo off him. New store he states, bigger, more open, his own piece of the pie in the big crazy world! Oh and there be shoes kids! Like a proud Papa he has to show me the new goods! Sexy texture changing stilettos (oh you just have to see them!) His Gladiator knee high boots “A labor of love” he says. I turn and scan the store when I see them, past the escalators and the tree….BOOTS!

Slouchy black boots in this dreamy leather texture. I play coy. “Are those new, over there, the black boots?” Surely he must realize I am trying to hold it together, remaining calm, trying hard not to leap over the obstacles and literally hug the giant sized boot on display. “Those? Oh I think maybe in the last 2 weeks” He tries to focus my attention on another boot but I am transfixed! I calmly, that is debatable, ask about demos. Again he is talking of other shoes, lovely I am sure, but…”No, the boots, the black slouchy ones?” I think he has sensed my persistence and a blue box appears in the upper right corner of my window.

I throw the newly received box on the floor and tear into it like a may lay of children on Christmas morning! I think I fainted, next thing I know they are on my feet and I am all but prancing about! Then my shoe king offers me the mid calf size as well! Thomas is in serious trouble at this point as I am thinking I should throw him over and focus all my devotion on CC. Alas, I think my devotion will be in writing and in pictures and in my perhaps never removing these boots.

Wearing ~

Hat – Bowler band tinted dark grey from Yip’s Men
Outfit -Chiara di Luna in hallow gray from Intimizzio
Gloves – Leather Gloves medium black from Fleur
Stockings – Lace Hose in fair from Battered Boudoir
Boots – Gathered Leather Knee High boots from Shoe Fly
Boots – Mid Calf walking Boots from Shoe Fly

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