Gogo Dancer

There be some dance fever today, with a little help from Gorgeous Yongho (Gogo). I was sort of wandering around her sim Juicy looking for some inspiration for today’s posting. I had the outfit, fun and spring-y looking, but I felt no stirrings of “Oh I should check out (insert cool location here) to take the pictures”. So I’m at Juicy and I am walking and there is Gogo “idling” I don’t know her but I read her blog and I also write on ihearts which she hosts for those of us who like to write and for others of us who can’t get on some feeds.

She says hello and I tell her I am there looking for inspiration. Who knew it would be from her! She said I could dance and take some shots. She was nice enough to pass me one of Davo Dancefloors to spice up my pictures. They truly are really cool and very affordable, check out his store at Juicy!

My outfit is a bit of a conglomeration of a whole bunch of stores I love and a new to me store (another thanks to Gogo) Naive. I visited Naive a few days ago and grabbed these really cute shorts and this bright belt. What a great little shop. It has a nice layout and the clothing is fun and well created and terribly easy on my little pocketbook! Certainly they have a little something for everyone; put it on your list of places to check out!

Wearing ~

PUDGE Yellow Dotty Earrings
Shades – Crossbar Shades Plain frame Ruby Lens from VINTAGEwear
Arm Warmers from Sh*t Happens
Top – Hardy Girl *revenge* from Artilleri
Belt – Basics Belt (Sky) in yellow from Naive
Shorts – Basics Shorts – Winter (Dark) from Naive
Leggings – Tintable (plain) left white from Encore
Socks – Tintable (stars) tinted lemon yellow from Encore
Shoes & Legwarmers – Leg Warmers + Shoes (gray) from Wrong & Reaction
DD Blob 3 – Pinky from Davo Dancefloors

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