The Feigned Innocence

Paper Couture’s Spring line was not really my cup of tea. I did get two dresses and drooled over 2 others and the wigs but as many have said it didn’t seem very wearable to me. I appreciated seeing people come up with ways to make it more everyday style and I loved all of what I saw in those cases. Sometimes is just takes me too long to be creative. I blame my laziness is not seeing deeper into the PC line. But there was an element to the collection that I simply could not take my eyes off of be that in a magazine, in a blog or in the store photos; the incredible skin the models were wearing. A Minnu skin if I am not mistaken. It was not immediately put up for sale but is now and I have to say I am so terribly pleased with it I can barely contain my excitement.

I am of the camp who will change skin to suit a mood or look. I have a few that I am over the moon about: MiaSofia, Nylon Outfitters, Tuli and Dutch Touch. I am now adding this single skin to the list. I got it in the light tone there is a darker tone as well that has a little beauty mark on the cheek near the eye and now that I have seen this skin I am going to go and pick up the darker tone as well. One thing that really strikes me is the near absent eyebrows. The shading and highlighting at the brow gives the skin an incredibly youthful appearance. There is a shine to the nose that hints at too much sun or a natural face void of any makeup. The lips are full and pouty with out being overly done and have a hint of pink and gloss. The cheeks are rosy like when your mean Uncle Leo pinched your face too hard. It reminds me of this cute boy that I went to school with, all the mothers said he had the Western cheeks.

The skins are a steal at 800 buckeroos a piece, no demo though. I went on blind faith and was not let down. I made today’s outfit around the skin. As I said I felt youthful and fresh faced so I wore a simple dress that is a smidge too low cut for a sweet girl and to play on that vein I added faded star tattoos from the MiaSofia Easter Hunt. Anyone who knows me knows that no matter the skin, I am not as sweet and innocent as I may look. But heck if I didn’t try my best…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Tri-Hoop from Celestial Studio
Tattoo – Falling Stars FADED 2 from Alexitimia Tattoo
Dress – Fiona from Haute Style & Co.
Socks – Tube Socks calf high in orange Sh*t Happens
Shoes – dirty llstarz from Monogrind

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