Solitude and Little People

This post is hardly about my insightful fashion sense. It is more about, well it’s not really about anything. I tried on a few different outfits and I just kept staring at the screen completely unmoved by them. So I picked a letter, “C”, and put on everything that started with said letter. C is for Casual, C is for Calm…C is for Cwiet… LOL I did find a lovely and serene place. It is a park or garden on the Aoharu sim. It reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland.

There are random fairies and rainbows, fields of flowers and a small pond with a mama swan and her 2 babies, sit under the big tree and read a book or sit at the table with the little people and the watchful kitty.

Randomly there is a rocking horse covered in spots as a sleeping Dalmatian lays close. I have always wanted a pony. This little park is like being submerged in someones’ dream and not being 100% sure if it is really a dream or if you are awake. So I sit and watch the sun set, I half expect the little people to offer me a little cake to have with my wine. Very surreal.

Wearing ~

Hair – Charlize long in dark brown from Aden
Skin – Cerise Eloh’s skin modified by Aphrodite Outlander
Earrings – Crescent Moon Chandelier from Junk
Top – only thing I can’t remember, I will update later
Jeans – Cracked Denim in Dark Wash from T.A.R.T
Shoe – Clara Slingbacks in brown from ShinyThings

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