To Be Tranquil

I am a huge fan of Japanese sims. You can find the most wonderful items, creative, made with a discerning eye and mostly fun! I regularly shop for tiny avatars with a friend and we always end up with hilarious new things and always from a Japanese creator. So when I saw that iTutu was opening and had a hunt, I went right over. Simple hunt: locate 12 hidden piles of apples and receive wonderful goodies. Well needless to say I go there when no one was there and slowly but surely the place filled up and I was still only in the second store of the 4 there. Grrrr…..

The store I was stuck in was Amerie Spitteler’s shop, amerie’s NAUGHTY. Not that this was a hardship for me, I love her outfits! Lots of use of dark lace and bright bold colors that are dark with wear and tear. There is a hint of Lolita thrown in and a flavor of street wear. What is the outcome of this odd concoction? Yummy! Literally, the outfit Kim and I are wearing are 2 of the 3 color options, the other is green is called Yummy! It is a little bit 80’s too and what is not to love about the 80’s?

Amerie also has a really great selection of tights and socks. We paired some lacy, ripped up leggings with boots to complete the look. Truly, you can’t live without this outfit! Well you could but You should still go check out Amerie’s store and the other great clothing she makes. While you are at iTutu, make sure and hit the other stores as well and leave no stone unturned. There is much to see on this small plot of land.

Wearing ~

Outfits – Yummy! in black and white from amerie’s NAUGHTY
Stockings – TornFishnerTights in bitterwine on Cerrie, Midnighton Kim from amerie’s NAUGHTY
Boots -Glossy Ribbon Boots in black from Shiny Things

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