A Dash of This and That

What is the formula for comfort? For each person I believe there is in fact a specific look or item of clothing that will do this. This outfit in it’s entirety is that for me. Head to toe each piece plays a part. I didn’t design this choreography of items they just sort of came together and I found myself really happy with the end result. So I am going to do something I don’t typically do and talk about each key component.

The hair was a happy accident from DP Yum Yum. I was there to pick up the adorable skirt as part of the set that was available the could be found at Isle of Tranquility Hunt. The color called out to me and the swept bangs are just perfect! My skin is from Fashionable Dead. Toast Bard is just brilliant. The belly has the sexiest shading and a faint spray of freckles on the nose and cheeks. The pouty little mouth just tops it all off perfectly. My tatts are from Alexitimia Tattoo as part of the MiaSofia Easter Hunt. I love the bold colors and the chest design is so striking. I will be blogging more in depth about Valle’s tattoos next week, stay tuned!

There is something incredible about hand drawn clothing, I think just the fact that someone sat there and drew it is what floors me. I mean come on now, you should all see my stick people… :S Tre Blah and Hiccup have some of the funkiest hand drawn clothes. Playful sums it up. The boots are by far the item in my inventory that I have gotten the most milage out of, pun intended. I have walked all over the grid in these fantastic boots from Shiny Things. If content creators what to suck me in sell prim belts in your shop. Or let me tell you who has some of the best, Refuge — Trinitee Trilam. Oh I love them!

So there you have it peep-ells, Cerrie’s comfort corner. Hope you enjoyed your visit! LOL

Wearing ~

Hair – Barber Yum Yum 01 from DP Yum Yum
Earrings – Pink swirly from Yummy
Tattoo – Live Fast Die Young FADED from Alexitimia Tattoo
Top – Ruffly Vest in sapphire from Hiccup
Belt – Motive Belt (stitched)Refuge
Jeans – charcoal jeans from Tre Blah
Boots – Old Boots in black from Shiny Things

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