"Yes Mom, Prom was a blast…"

My orange loving elf friend Elusyve Jewell sent me a message the other day. “We have the MobVend down to 100(insert money term here) at Sn@tch if you want in” I asked for a limo and there I stand at Sn@tch with a bucket full of grey objects and hella lag. Before me rising from the grey is the MobVend larger than life and it has this funky version of Prom Gone Wild in a whole host of colors. I grab it and tuck it away for a rainy day!

This be the rainy day! My friend Batts helped me out with this as my “Man” is MIA these days. The dress struck me as a “I told Mom and Dad I was going to Prom. I ended up in the backseat at the drive-in” So Batts and I did just that. I was sad I missed prom after doing my hair and make up so nice.

The dress is really very cute. It has a nice sparkle sequin effect. It is a little on the short side but that just plays perfectly into the look I was going for here. The top truly looks like a prom dress with a relatively unrevealing neckline. The long gloves just really finish off the look perfectly. I mentioned it comes in a bunch of colors, not sure of them all but green and purple are in there and I am sure there is a red as well.

Oh, and if you have never been to the drive-in at Inspire you are missing out. Earth, Raphael and Grafix have done a great job! Terribly inventive those three are.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bekko Blue Pierced from Chicoco Accessory
Outfit – Backseat Prom Date in blue from Sn@tch
Shoes – AC Serenity in black from Aphrodite Creations

Batts is wearing Adulter Suit in black pinstripe from Casa Del Shai and shoes from Shiny Things

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