Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

…Or does it? RL Cerrie moved over the weekend. The day I have to move again is a day too soon. I hate cardboard, that’s all I have to say about that. So I have no internet which means no outfits, which means no pictures, which means nothing to blog about. I had forethought last week and photoed a bunches of things to share with my readership as I was between places and I was trying to grasp onto my remaining sanity! In reading through the blogs I see there was another fun filled weekend of lag, asset troubles, general malaise with the overall. Has my weekend refreshed me and made me eager to get back in? Yes! Am I looking forward to the troubles that seem to NEVER get solved? (Insert long silence with a lone cricket chirping here)

I am happy to see though that there has been activity on my Flickr page. Basically what I have there is the full set of pictures that I take my faves from to post on the blog. Sometimes it’s a clear cut choice others it takes me a good long while to determine which I love MOST! It is not often that I just take pictures having fun and don’t post them on the blog. I do have a backup one though and I am pulling it out to post here. As i never intended on blogging them the pictures have been modified and tweaked and loved over to give them a very stylized look. They are a predominant display of MiaSnow Myriam’s skin, which I dearly love! I think she is a incredibly talented and makes a very original product! if you missed out on the lovely bunny skin she made at Easter and gave away as a gift, what a shame that is; I am not sure, perhaps she sells it. So without further ado…

Wearing ~

Dress – White Blood from Ghost!
Bracelets – Convicted cuffs from Refuge
Socks – Mismatched in red and grey from Canimal
Shoes – Dirty llstarz from Monogrind

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