Flower Child

I have blogged a bit about what a talent I think Four Yip has. She is inventive and creative and loaded with folly which is never unwelcome. This outfit was originally put together for a Fleur photo contest (yes, still using older content, let’s not talk about the connectivity issues I am having!) I didn’t actually enter the contest as I didn’t have the desired skin they were hoping we would use and turns out I could have. Aw well, next time, right?

So this is a beautiful ensemble, called Anouska, Four has created. It starts at the top with this flower headdress. Working your way down you have flower pasties and what I think are strategically placed prim butterflies that attach all over your abdomen. (the one at the belly button is a fave) Finish it off with cute little lace bloomers in a soft green and you almost look like a flower. This lovely outfit and many other incredible creations are available at Yip’s and Yip’s Men stores and most are…FREE!! Almost too good to be true. Support her by dropping a few buckeroos in her tip jar!

I am taking these pictures in one of my most favorite builds, miaSofia HQ at Hwang. It is a sensory overload of wonder. There are many little areas here and I chose the flower field for obvious reasons. Many great areas here for photographing and a wonderful place to explore.


Outfit – Anouska from Yip’s

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