Thema asked…I Do Tell

Thema Felix posted this on her site and so since I am still trying to get inworld this was a perfect posting…Look in Cerrie’s slightly shopping crazy head!

Which do you prefer?

1. When you hear about a new release, which are you most likely to run out and buy: hair, shoes, or clothes? I am EOS…Equal Opportunity Shopper! I buy it all!

2. Skin choice: pale, tan, coloured (like green), or dark? Blond, brown, red, or black hair? Dependes on the tone but I love a nice sunkissed and Mostly dark hair auburn, brown and black.

3. Which event do you most likely put on your calendar: fashion show, live concert, store sale, sim opening, club contest, or a class?Hmm, tough, I do like a sale!

4. What’s your ideal SL™ job? I would love to be able to take pictures of beautiful avatars!

5. Sexy clothing preference: silks, lingerie, or revealing clothing(mini skirts, super tight dresses, etc)? I go with lingerie, so much you can do with that.

6. Facial hair on male avies (or yourself, if you are male): yea or nay? Very much depends on the style, but I tend to like some.

7. Land home or skybox? Land

8. Decorating your walls: SL™ photos, objects, RL photos, or RL art? Huh, I have a mix of all of those.

9. Do you prefer to own land or rent? I own, less headache

10. Small boutiques or large stores? Small boutiques for sure!! Though I am a sucker for Bare Rose.

11. Photo-realistic skins and clothing or hand-drawn? Refer to question #1. I like them all!!

12. For your one-on-one conversations, do you prefer voice or typed chat? Typed, I fight progress of voice!

13. Prim objects or sculpties? Sculpty shoes sleeves, things that don’t have to move! And Prim Skirts, cause I love how they sway.

14. Bling, effect sounds, and particle effects: on or off? OMGosh no, no no.

15. (If you use one) What photostudio do you like best? Photosphere

16. Face light: necessary or blinding? A absolute must!

17. Do you pick up all the freebies you find or only pick the ones from designers you know? Mostly designers I know, if it is one I don’t I will look around the store, I like the most of it I will grab for it.

18. Pre-fab buildings: do you own one? Do you like them? Yes, My house is from Barnesworth Anubis and it is perfection, he is building genius!

19. Would you rather be a Furry or Tiny? Tiny

20. Graphic settings: Short draw distance or long? Release Candidate or standard viewer? Avatar imposters (yes/no)? Long, Standard (and an old version at that) and no way, just one and only!

21. Sim design: tropical island, residential neighborhood, urban streets, or themed fantasy (or another type I didn’t think of)?I Go between Urban street and tropical. Themed fantasy can be fun for awhile.

22. When not in a club or concert, do you stream music or turn it off? I always have it on, i just love to see what stores have going on.

23. Flickr: Woot? Ick? (add me as a contact so I can see your stuff!) Woot!! I love Flickr, it is a peek at everyone’s world.

24. What’s your favorite place to explore or hang out (that isn’t a shopping area)? Inspire, it is just my favorite place in all of the metasphere.

25. Animation Overriders: Do you prefer to make your own or buy a set? And where’s the best
place to go for them? (I’m actually shopping around for another, so this is a selfish question) I bought mine premade and I have never seen anyone that has it. It is from Cova and it looks real, and I feel naked when I have to turn it off :(

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