I’M BACK!! Good grief, that was the longest week. I am happy to be back in world and snapping pictures! I am still in the process of getting caught up. Capped messages are so difficult to deal with, as are some of the subscribing systems out there. There are a few vendors that have notices that you cannot go to and see an archive. So I fear I have missed some good information :(

Well today’s outfit is from a few of the messages that have gotten through. Aleri Darkes is very generous, when she releases newness she marks selected items down for the first 24 hours. I snagged these really cute shorts (1 of 2 pairs marked down, the other is a slate grey) They are very bright and eye popping and the perfect length. When I saw the colors I was so hoping this was the pair she marked down, but I would have bought them even if they hadn’t been. She released them in 2 color sets, Dark and Light (I think that was what she had called them).

The plaid strapless top I hunted up at the Season’s & Facets Hunt. Super cute little top the it pulled the orange from the shorts and the dark lace and green from my socks. I love these pastel socks from amerie’s Naughty. I picked them up a week or so ago when I was at the iTuTu Hunt, not part of the hunt just an acquisition while standing in that store for far too long hunting apples. They are toeless with lace and heart accents and come in 4 colors I believe (it may be 5) and I just dig the little slouch at the ankle! Finished it off with Slinky Stilettos from Maitreya. Steel heel. (They helped me climb the tree)

Wearing ~

Earrings – Yellow Dotty Earrings from PUDGE
Bangle – Turqoise Multi Bracelet (3 in 1) from Naughty Design
Top – Giana Strapless Shirt from Seasons in the Seasons & Facets Rose Hunt
Shorts – Brighton Shorts in orange from Diversity Hair
Socks – Sickly Pastel Socks in green from amerie’s NAUGHTY
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos Patent Yellow Steel from Maitreya

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