Mama Said Knock You Out

I climbed in the ring today with this fantastic Knock Out…fit from League; it was just too fun to pass up! I went over to Averlast Boxing to take these pictures and met some really nice people there. Abel Undercity and Randur Source (Men in Charge? Hmm, I failed to ask but I had the impression they are) were on hand to show me around a bit and mess up my hair.

The walls are adorned with pictures of the greats and some not so greats, fights and tons of memorabilia from days when boxing was BIG. They have a tournament every Friday at 4 PM SLT so you should for sure head over and check it out. Very cool place and people! Sand Scarpulla was nice enough to show me some moves in the ring, He offered to spar with me but I was worried I might break a nail so I politely declined.

So the outfit is called Knock Out! It hits a home run in my book, wait that’s baseball, I mean KO. The texture work is really great, the shorts and top both have a really nice satin sheen and the gloves can be removed if you want to wear actual ones. That is a nice option and didn’t realize it till I was changing. It comes with wrist band and leg warmers. It also has flirty writing on the tush. Fan of tush decoration, just shows me that the back of the clothing is equally as detailed as the front. Love the outfit as it lead me to a new place to explore and hang out. Ding, Ding! I don’t think I can pick a winner for this round, so on to round 3.

Wearing ~
Outfit – Knock Out! from League
Gloves – Hand Bandages from Abel at Averlast
Shoes – White sneakers from About

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