History Lesson

For several Summer weeks here in my RL state there is a Renaissance Festival. It is a total immersion into another time and place. Jousts, bards, wenches, the Royal Court and hot guy is uber tight pants. I love the festival and have been many times. When I saw that there was a fest here in our own virtual world I wanted to check it out. I know this was awhile ago but the Ren Fest 2008 at Cassiopeia Square had quite a few things that I just couldn’t do with out.

This stunning gown is from Enchanted, “a new branch of LVS & CO that will specialize in costumes-clothing or novelty items from fantasy cinema movies.” They has several colors out but this one just called to me. I love the soft pink and taupe color combination. The flowered neckline is very reminiscent of those low revealing dresses of the Renaissance period. They really liked to show off the tata’s back then. Well, we still do; we have to attract those boys ya know. The skirt is full and flows beautifully when you walk and the over all combination is just fantastic and is still available for purchase in the store.

I paired it with a lovely new hair style from Aden called Fae. I was over soon after the notice went out about the new style and there was no demo sign attached to this hair when I put it on. Aden sent a notice a bit later saying if we went over and grabbed the demo yay for us free hair. May not have been what she was planning but it was a nice surprise and the hair is lovely in my opinion! I’m off now to find some of those tight pants wearing men…

Wearing ~

Hair – Fae from Aden
Dress – Royal Garden Party in pink from Enchanted at LVS & Co.

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