Pulling Out Some Sexy

I have not been shy about designers that I am really fond of. Some I like to call friends some I just admire their work but have never actually either met or spoken to (though I do really appreciate that they have both commented on posts I have done on their incredible stores). So for this posting I have come back to a little lady who is such a character and a talented one at that, Ms. Rosemary Galbraith. Check out the sexy she has created here kiddies!

Rosemary is big into clothing optional events so I decided to show a bit more than is my norm. /me blushes a bit! Check out the detail on the brassier! One the overall print is good and the small squares are not stretched and off looking and two there is a little lace edging along the bottom and a clasp in the back. As I stated before, attention to detail on the back is just as important to me as the front. I have had beautiful dresses fall flat when I saw that back was not of the same calibre or for that matter same color as the front. Blah, details peoples! It wins points and my moolah in your pockets!

Moving down the panties are totally sexy without giving away all the cookies in the jar! I am wearing the garter piece that has the lovely little ties in the back. The panties (which I really should have photoed minus the garter, I’ll add a shot later) have that lovely lace that the bra does. To finish it off we have a shimmery pair of sheer stockings. Oh and how about that color? It is rich and it begs to be stripped off. Whoo, it’s warm in here. Go, buy, flaunt, make the men in your lives happy. Men if you are reading this, go see Rosemary about a gift purchase!

Wearing ~

Lingerie – Classic Lingerie Set in navy (Includes more than what is shown) from Rosemar
Eyes – Balls of the Eye in Pink Albino from Rosemar (ain’t she funny?)

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