Working Class

I shop too much; I spend as though pixels are going out of fashion. Because of this and my lack of skills to make anything of sellable worth I put my own money in. *Sigh* So as I was holding the furniture down the other day (you never know when there will be a loss of gravity) I was trying to come up with ways to earn enough to support my spending habits.

It took alot of thinking…

…and a little more.

Finally I decided perhaps I should work the counter at a fancy store like Rosemar or perhaps ShoeFly. OK, well neither of those stores are hiring so I decided I should mull it over while eating some pizza.

As it turns out the pizza shop was hiring. I took my post. I waited and waited and waited. After about 5 minutes I decided I had done enough work and needed a break.

Good thing they posted that sign there cause that’s what I was gonna do. I don’t think cash registering is for me. Oh well hunt for income shall continue…

Wearing ~

Earrings – Rubik’s Cube from Cailyn’s
Collar – Sin Leather Collar from Kru’s Boutique
Shirt – Silhouette Long Shirt in coral from Blooberry
Jeans – (Iki) Skinny Jean in indigo (For Boots) from TorridWear
Socks – Black Tube Socks (calf high) from Sh*t Happens
Shoes – PornStar Slip ons Checkers from Urban Bomb Unit

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