Chocolate Cake ala Mode

I FINALLY met MiaSnow and Sofia! Pizza and Peanut Butter Cups all around. Needless to say I was so zonked from my day, I had little to say and our talk of pizza really did make me hungry, so I had to go eat. The reason for my visit to MiaSofia HQ was to get this months most wonderful Chocolate Dream Dress. One cannot go wrong when you adorn yourself with rivers of chocolate. Of this I am quite sure!

I love the rich color of this outfit. It’s a true chocolate color and not washed out or too pink. You know when you make hot coco sometimes and it is almost pink? Nothing like chemical coco. Back to the dress. It has a lovely plunging neckline and comes with a heap of options: two skirt prints and different skirt styles. Sofia London has outdone herself on this months Fashionable Food item. Oh so eagerly awaiting next months newness!

Now on to the location of my sweet photo shoot. Giant Tea Party was created by Aussie Rinoa Rives. She has created a megaprim glass topped table and chairs with a full tea set and some fun. There is a tea pot settee with a cuddle pose, tea cups with individual sits. A tea pot pouring into a cascade of tea cups that will land you in a pool of light tea. I curled up on a gigantic spoon for a nap because all of this cuteness just wore me out.

Rinoa watched me take pics for a bit before she came over for a little chat. She is planning to makeover the tea set (I saw the new tea cup, very cute) and that she is happy to see someone there and using it for pictures. The one thing I told her I liked is that I can build and drop my own pose balls. I put a white background in as unfortunately there are ads marring up the snappys. It is still a really great set and fun to test out all the poses and see what trouble you can get into.

Wearing ~

Headpiece – Soft_IceCream_Hoody(VanillaCherry) from Aoharu
Necklace and Spoon – Vanilla eating chocolat necklace and cream from Honey Kitty
Dress – Chocolate Dream Babydoll with Swirls from LurveBite
Stockings – Cross 20.p in White-Pink from Glanz
Shoes – Wedge Pumps in brown from ETD

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