Looking Good In Marni

Seriously recovering from the weekend. Some find a long holiday weekend relaxing and rejuvenating. Me, well I find them too short and wish that I had had a few more days. I think this means I need a vacation. So I went to the beach, well virtually speaking and I had the cutest outfit to wear! Fleur had a sale on several of their skins over the weekend. Ms. Samara Barzane sent out a reminder so I dashed on over. I am sucker for a skin sale and what is not to love about Fleur? They have a soft perfection and a delightful mix of makeups and skin tones.

I sit and ponder. I am immediately drawn to two and am drooling over two others. Samara is standing at the ready to help out and I cry that I am unable to choose and want one of them all. Unfortunately she is not in the market to be a sugar mama (drat) but she is generous and “helps” me out. In all I got 4 skins and this lovely is Marni 3 in buff skin tone. Is it not beautiful?!?

I also had not been to Fleur since the clothing had been placed back out. I have no excuse I had just not made it over, so while I was there I headed in for a peek. My camera instantly made contact with this fun and flirty little ensemble. I do tend to go overboard on my matching but it was like it was made with my new Marni skin in mind. The little top reminds me so much of my youth and things I wore in the summer. A lush turquoise that has elastic gathering the sleeves neckline and around the ribcage. I remember them because boys thought it was funny drop bugs and other creepy crawlies because of the uber stretchy qualities.

The bare midriff is sexy and segues nicely down to the matching double tiered skirt. It has a gradually strengthening teal colored pattern as it goes down that pops against the brilliant white of the skirt. It moves and flows sexily when you walk. It is a little low in the back and we see a little bit of “plumbers” but eh as a whole it is too summery to mind. I believe the sale is over but the full price of the skins is still worth every buck you lay down.

Wearing ~

Skin – Vivant Buff Marni 3 from Fleur
Hair Flower – Morning Medley in pastel from Drifting Sands
Earrings – Simple Teardrop in silver from Artilleri
necklace and Bracelet set – Diamond Heart & Key in silver from Miam Miam
Top – Grisette blouse in turquoise from Fleur
Skirt – Grisette skirt Turquoise
AC Sasy Chic Feuille

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