The Little Tramp

I have always had an affection for the silent movies. I was particularly enamoured with Charlie Chaplin and the brilliance of his craft. His genius comedy has influenced so much in our society so I am paying him a little tribute Cerrie style. I typically make my outfits in a mix and match sort of way so you will have to go all over the grid for this outfit.

The moment I put the top on it screamed Chaplin to me with it’s messy low tie and tightly cinched jacket that almost looks a size too small. I would love to see what it looks like on a man as this is from the men’s department over at G.L.A.M./Indigo. I then wanted to go with a capri pant that would be big and baggy like Charlie used to wear. I decided gray would brighten up the look and tweed is always fashionable. I broke down and finally bought a pair of ChiChi pumps from Maitreya to wear with the ankle ribbons. Why I waited so long is beyond me, they are terribly cool and I topped it off with a bowler, cane and a bowstache.

Now I look like him, the true test is to stand like him. I could have grabbed four Yip’s brilliant set but this was a solo Charlie act so I decided Caledon’s movie set was the next most logical place. Thanks to Gogo for turning us all on to Sylvan’s Animation Factory. I bought a gazoodle poses and found quite a few that were perfect for this Tramp. I’ma waddle off into the sunset now.

The End

Wearing ~

Hat – Bowler from CICK-E-MART
Earrings – Simple Teardrop earrings from Artilleri
Moustache – Black Bowstache from D!FF (Alas they are no more
Cane – LeA Stick from Lapin
Top – Vuitton Blazer (yellow short striped tee & tie) from Indigo
Capris – Nep Tweed Pants from DP Serendipity
Anklets Black from Maitreya
Shoes – ChiChi Pumps in Black Velvet from Maitreya

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