I Get Misty

Some of you may or may not know, but I got married in world the end of March to Thomas. Soon after that I was needing to move and work has called him away for an extended period of time. So I find that I am having to amuse myself and the blog has very much helped with that. But I get tired of just photographing myself so I call on my virtual sister Kim. She is just so darn patient with my direction giving “…OK hop on that ball…can you go into mouseview, OK good don’t move” So when she logged in the other day and she asked me to make her a sexier shape I was happy to oblige.

New sexy shapes call for new sexy lingerie. Neither of us typically go for the latex clad vixen look so we went for it. Kim is wearing Wanda from Insolence’s Misty line and I am wearing Sally. Now to not get ourselves booted out of Flickr or admonished on the feeds we hopped over to Juicy and grabbed pasties to cover our very exposed bits. Apply incredibly beautiful vampy makeup from Frick (You must see this store! Incredibles skins!!) and huge hair and yes, yes I think this is gonna work.

Now when you are wearing latex that has formed a second skin, you have little to no coverage up front and you make squeaking sounds when you walk there is only ONE set of poses that I could think of that would do this sexy get up justice. Enter one Dove Swanson of Long Awkward Pose and her sinfully delicious Wannabe Pornstar pose set. I will tell you I took about 35 pictures and these poses are so incredible, I mean really! They ooze hotness! You may never think you will use them but wow, do not deny yourself this set. I’m off to try and peel out of this latex, I’m only a teensy bit worried…..

Wearing ~

Kim – (Light hair)
Lingerie – Wanda Latex Open Ensemble Misty Line from INSOLENCE
Shoes – AC Serenity Shoes in black from Aphrodite Creations
Not sure of Kim’s tattoo

Cerrie – (Dark hair)
Lingerie – Sally Latex Ensemble – Misty Line from INSOLENCE
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos in Black Leather from Maitreya
Tattoo 1-1 from Y7 (Yenta Semyorka)

Both wearing –
Pasties – Clean X Pasties in black from Juicy
Hair from Mirai Style
Retro Pinup Skin from {Frick} (C – Tan Rita , K – Peaches Betty)
Sexy shape created by me (it’s a lingerie shape)

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