Well I can’t compare with a racy post like I did yesterday so you get me today with a fair bit more clothing. A beautiful retro 1920’s dress in fact. And I am at a sim that is under the gun of impending disaster. Viva la Glam lies in the shadow of a tsunami. It is dark, there is torrential rain, whipping winds, lightning and ominous clouds as the devastating wave looms closer. Thankfully they are handing out these cute color change umbrellas so that us shopping types can brave the downpour and grab what we can before the wave hits and washes the goodies away.

Neferia Able of Ivalde has created a dress that roared out of the 20’s and into our virtual world. Skirlaug is a chiffon dress with a sculpty cowl collar and a loose fitting style top and flexi skirt. The is also a sculpty scarf belt that is dual purposed; 1 it covers the system skirt gap and 2 gives the very blousy top a connection and a smooth transition to the skirt. it comes in 4 colors but this lovely salmon just jumped out at me.

I put on an adorable hat from Mezzo. 5 hat colors, 2 options per hat for 99 smackeroos!! Tis a true steal. And monogrinds new ballet flats. There is a whole line of animal prints and they are terribly comfy though not terribly waterproof. Speaking of water it is rising here and I should go get to higher ground. Quick put on some waders and get over to Glam and Miam Miam before the wave hits.

**Note** The goodies I grabbed I will share with ya next week. I am gonna hurry out of here the humidity is killing me!**

Wearing ~

Hat – Bohemian hat in nature from Mezzo
Earrings – Funky Dangle from Yummy
Dress – Skirlaug salmon dress 1920 from Ivalde
Shoes – TIGER ballerina flats from Monogrind
Viva la Glam Freebie Umbrella with Color Change at plaza center

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