Wind In My Hair

I said in my last post I grabbed massive amounts from GLAM before the wave hit (has it hit?) I think I went back 3 or 4 times each time purchasing a few more things. For some reason it always seemed I missed some little treasure, as if it had been put out just special for me. Right?! My last trip into the eye of the storm produced this great outfit. With this warmer and brighter season in full swing I am all about color. This shirt and flowered neck swag is actually part of a dress. I had started with the pants and I was not wild about the shirt included and I felt it needed a punch of color. The pants have at least 4 options per color and it comes with the dark (shown) and a lighter version.

I dug around in my inventory and I found that I didn’t really have any shoes that went with this outfit. I hit a few stores and found nothing that was just knocking my socks off. I got a notice from a store that I like so I went off in search of the unrelated item and while I was staring at the new release I looked over at the two ladies who had already purchased (always helpful to see an outfit on someone) and I panned out and saw the cutest shoes. I will admit I frequently molest people in the form of “Ooh! I like that. Where did they get it” and search and click people constantly; I know it’s rude.

So I am inspecting these cute shoes this girl is wearing when I realize they were made by the lady standing next to her. So I inquire. Yes, she made them and she is kind enough to drop a pair on me. They are shoe perfection as they have a the blue and purple tones that are in both my top and pants. I just love it when that happens! And to top off the cuteness they even have little heart treads on the bottom. Ya gotta love it.

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bird Cage in silver from Yummy
Top – Part of Luxe Satin Fleur Babydoll in Fuschia from G.L.A.M.
Bracelets – Brushed Metal Bracelets from Imperial Elegance
Pants – Dark Denim Jumpsuit with silk hoop belt from G.L.A.M.
Shoes – Ema Shoes created by Emacha Yokosuka

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