I Love Rock n’ Roll

Kim pops in the other day and since I get very little time with her anymore I suggested we go shopping. She’s such and agreeable girl so I mentioned Emery had just released some cute outfits and i had not bought anything from them before (though the few freebs are really nice) We head over and things start rezzing. What I love about Emery and have admired when I saw the shop blogged was the very Pop Art feel of their textures. One of the new outfits had Marilyn on the skirt in a bold color and I thought that is cool. We decided it was worth a closer look!

We are looking and I see the cutest outfit and next thing you know it is falling into my inventory. /me feigns innocence! Sometimes outfits just want to come home with me and this outfit obviously did as I am not sure I clicked anything /me wonders if anyone believes me? What I immediately liked about Emery is that yes, they put together an outfit, but you aren’t reuired to buy it. You can buy the individual pieces. I do like a store that give you options!

This outfit is like Nautical Pop Rock and I love it. The shorts come down far enough on your leg that you don’t have the weird pattern bleed and the top is fun with it’s repeating guitars and Rock text in the guitar amp wires. It comes with many layer options, can be worn with or without the belt layer and a nifty set of rocker gloves. Finishing the look off with simple red flats and no rock star would be complete without some kick arse shades. Cerrie has left the building…

Wearing ~

Shades Crossbar Shades Plain with Ruby Lens from Vintage Wear
Outfit – Rockstar from Emery
Shoes – Peko in red from Lycee

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