A Day in the Park

If you follow the feeds you have seen Aoharu is a place that you must visit. In fact when I Googled Aoharu sim the first 10 entries all spoke of the wonders that machang Pichot has created and eagerly await you. I have done several photo sets at this large sim. When you arrive you will be at a landing spot in the middle of the plaza. Straight ahead of you is the skin and shapes, to your left hair, incredible hair I might add for both women and men and on your right is the clothing boutique again with fashions for both women and men.

There was a 50% off sale not long ago and I am fairly certain I got one of everything. One of my favorite items was this pink minidress emblazoned with twin girls. It comes in several colors that pay tribute to the color wheel and are right up my bright summer time color alley. I notice now that the faces almost create a heart on the chest of the shirt and that is really a nice touch!

I have also chosen no t to wear it with the large pocket attachments but still have on the uni-skirt piece, it did take a bit of work with my AO. It seems I rock from side to side alot and it tends to swing that little bit into my legs alot, so just pay that some mind. The dress is a good length to wear without socks or hose but I love the look of long shirts or dresses over jeans so I went with a skinny jean from Tres Blah. Dressed it up with bangles, a belt and boots; The B trifecta!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Bird in a Cage in silver from Yummy
Dress – Twin Girl Dress in pink from Aoharu
Bangle – Freebie from Untone
Belt – Mix It Up from…can’t remember
Jeans – Charcoal Jeans from Tres Blah
Shoes – Glassy Boots in Black from ShinyThings

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