Do Cat’s Eat Rice!?

I said I was not going to do formal reviews on items, but Ellie Celt of Eat Rice! had sent me a box of items before my ill fated review of Tres Very Skins. I am not a neko, I have dressed up a time or two but it is not who I have chosen to be here. Though some of the most exotic and stunning avatars I have seen are nekos so I was quite excited to play with the goods that I had been sent. Dakota Lubitsch already did a review. I am going to show you a few pictures and give you my tke on them. Short, sweet and simple style.

Starting off with the Puety hair, I like it best with it’s messy flexi strands and whispy bangs. I am a huge fan of bangs and I just love these. They add a bit of shadow to your eye but does not completely obstruct them.

Wearing the Lydia Plain black-eye skin with all hair styles

The Vampi hair is sort of a pulled over side pony styled hair. I am a fan of messy styles and I like how it has barrettes and ties holding pieces of hair. The skins I am wearing in thee pictures are all Lydia.

Hair and skin shown are Red Light hair & Tribal Skin, Carmel hair & Stiched skin, and finally Black hair & Plain skin

The tribal design is really crips and I love how it fades over the eye and has lip rings already on the skin. The only thing on the skins that I am not keen on is the lips and eye brows. They lack a little definition. The color sems to just fade off into the skin and the mole also looks a little smudged not bad, but not defined. I still love the effects she has added and it won’t deter me from wearing them.

No kitteh is complete without ears and a tail. The ears are super cute and scripted to move occasionally. The interior texture looks very realistic as well. As for the tails the fluffy is by far my favorite, makes me think of a Persian kitty with all that soft fur.

Other items I am wearing are from Eat Rice! The teal hoody has a sculpted hood and sleeves. The super cute gamers belt complete with Nintendo DS (I am addicted to this in RL) and kitty collar with and without leash.

In all I love everything Ellie sent me. I even won hair from the gift orb when I was there (in the tail picture) Now I am off to find a nice warm spot in the sun and play my DS.

Wearing ~

Ears – Neko Ears Pierced in black from Eat Rice!
Collar – Cutie Collar with and w/o leash from ER!
Shirt – I’m #1 from Tres Blah
Hoody – Air Balloon Hood in teal from ER!
Belt – Fan Girl from ER!
Tails – Thin and Fluffy in black from ER!
Jeans – Charcoal Denim from Tres Blah
Socks – Sculpted Slouch Sock in Seashell from Maitreya
Shoes – Porn Star Slip on Checkers from Urban Bomb Unit

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