Tough Is Enuff

Been in a bit of a grungy mood these last few days. It all came about after a visit to Thimbles. I saw a vendor for suspenders that I had bought many stores ago. I ran home and put this ‘Grounded Flying Ace’ look together.

LF Fashions by Launa Fauna makes some incredible jeans. I pulled my most favorite bum huggin’ pair. The texture on these jeans is just about the best I have seen. The pockets don’t float too low the side seams line up beautifully and they come with several leg prim options. I slipped into a white tank that has seen better days. to round out the clothing.

I was feeling a little tough at this point. So I rounded up some tatts from a very talented girl Valle Giulia. These are Sugar Skulls. She created them with Dia de Muerto in mind. I love the look of them. They are a bit pixelated but I still think they are interesting and add interest to this tough girl look. For a splash of color I went with yellow chucks. I’m ready to fly or kick some ass. Until tomorrow….

Wearing ~

Tattoos – Sugar Skulls from Alexitimia Tattoo
Suspenders – Mr. Suspenders from Thimbles
Tank Top – Acid Damaged Tank Top (tucked) from Sidewalk
Cuffs – G&G Leather Belt Cuff Set from Glam & Glitter (no longer open)
Jeans – LF Trusty Jeans in Dark w/ skinny leg prim from LF
Shoes – Chuck Taylors in Yellow from Darkstar Designs
Skin – Selkis Skin natural skin from Beauty Avatar (current gift in store)

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