Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I have returned to my “too bright to be true” wardrobe. On top of that I visited what is surely to be the single most happy and bright sim in all of our metaverse, Ben & Jerry Island. What is not to make you happy at this place? Giant ice cream cones, some stacked 3 high, flowers, grazing cattle, field muffins……. Anyway back to the outfit.

I got lucky at Aoharu (clean it up people) in one of the lucky chairs. This little romper is cute but, I probably would not buy it. It’s a series of sculpted prims that are in a word bulky. I tried and tried to make it work and I will continue to try cause it is cute but I could not get the prims to look good with neither my AO or poses. I was constantly adjusting and simple photo shoot turned into a frustrating event. So if you have a really stationary AO, give it a whirl; from me though, you hear a buyer beware.

Then as AnimaH is going to be making an exit I went and loaded up on fatpacks of poses. I used those for this post and I lub em! Note to self, when you are not in an active animation that needs to be stopped don’t click stop all animations. I stopped blinking and my eyes stopped moving. It was a serious deer caught in headlights thing that only a relog could reactivate. Loverly! So I think I look a little goofy in the snappys but ah well! Ok, off for a massive inventory sort, wish me luck!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Citrus Earring in lemon from G Field
Outfit – JuicyRompers in blue from Aoharu Boutique
Shoes – T-Strap Sandal Citrus in lemon from G Field
Skin – Ashlee in Dapink (Naked) from Free Speerit Skin

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