Crush with Eyeliner

In retrospect I tend to name my posts about something musical. Funny I never really noticed it but today’s is a song from a group that is a long time love, REM. Rosemary had a freebie hunt at her store over the weekend. I missed the eyes but I snatched up all the clothing, many of which I already have because Rosemary is fab. I ran home with all my new pixel coverings and this was the first outfit I put on. When I put something on and I immediately say ‘Oh these shoes will go great with it and I have that wood necklace and that little ring’, you know that it is an outfit worth blogging.

For those of you that have followed my blog may know that I met Rosemary quite by chance and when I first met her she told me that she teamed with Popfuzz Bamboo to create the some of her items. Specifically Popfuzz helped with the sculpts. I don’t know if that partnership is still going on but this dress is great! Flirty fun for sure with it’s beaded bodice and neckline. There is a note card in the folder offering help in modifying the skirt prim and it took me a little time but I was able to do it myself. That would be my only downside, someone that is not very experienced and modification would have some trouble. Nice that she offers help! Do you ever find that you forget how much you like a color until you have it on?

Shoes, Shiny Things shoes to be precise. I think there is nothing I could say about them that has not already been said. Fallingwater Cellardoor is amazing at her craft and had been adorning my feet for some time. Not to mention her jewelry and wedding items. (I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved my wedding bouquet!) The detail on the Spring Stilettos is just too much to go into but the high points for me are the intricate flowers and the color of the heel and sole piece. So I am going to wrap this up and post it. HUGE thanks to Rosemary Galbraith for being her ever generous self! You rock lady!

Wearing ~

Necklace – Orange wood Bead/Cord Necklace from Bonita ‘s Jewelry
Ring – Wood coin ring from creamshop
Dress – Beaded Dress in orange from Rosemar
Shoes – Spring Stilettos in sunset from Shiny Things

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