Oompah Loompah, I Fell on my Goompah!

I am not going to take 100% of the creativity behind this outfit. I saw one Ms. QueenKellee Kuu at a store the other day wearing this fantastic little ensemble. I don’t like to say I copied her, I had to put my own twist into it. Enter one fantastic IsabellaGrace Baroque (Bella) [I stalk her on Flickr cause she has one of the very coolest photostreams]. I saw this amazing shot she nabbed the other day and one very stunning item struck my fancy. So let’s call this a tribute to fashionable ladies!

June Dion of Bare Rose creates sheer delight in the form of prim attachments and more options than a 3 dimensional tic-tac-toe board. This adorable outfit come with pants as well and 3 different colored shirts. You also have the option to wear the leg tassels of prim cuffs. So as soon as I put it on I felt that I should be doing the Polka. That got me thinking, “I need that handlebar moustache that Bella had on” Nothing is sexier than a chick in heels and a giant ‘stache, huh? /me rubs her nose It tickles, I don’t know how you men do it.

I scoured my inventory for a frothy stein of beer but could not find what I was looking for. Surely there must be a mug out there that has a frothy head that has some sort of particle effect. One that makes you a little tipsy and gives you random hiccups? Maybe has a built in sound that is some fantastic polka/accordion music when you say the word Polka. I wish I knew how to make stuff like that. Ah well. Go! Drink beer and be merry!

Polka Time…come on hit the link and laugh!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Gutted Hoops in silver from {Junk}
Handlebar Mustache in copper (tinted darker) from Curio Obscura
Outfit – Loud Minority in pink from bare Rose
Shoes – MaryGeos in pale pink from Shiny Things

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