Busy Busy Bee

Every time I wear yellow for some reason I think of that U2 song She Wore Lemon. I’m sure it has nothing to do with what I relate it to but ah well. I wear lemon, heaps of ruffled lemon actually! Now I have an odd picture in my head, picture this me in a giant lemon costume and that little pointy part on the end as a hat. Sorta like that little girl that turned into a blueberry in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (the one with Gene Wilder not Johnny Depp). I think I need to find one of those!

Great dress with really interesting items. The poofy sleeves are actually 2 prims to make it extra super fluffy. The texture is great as is the over all texture work on the whole dress. Check out the bodice, top notch I tell ya. Next interesting piece is the gathered skirt and bow belt. I love the look of cinching the skirt with a bow, it almost looks like it’s a transitional item that the designer wanted to see what the skirt would look like with the top and just threw it on with a ribbon. But it adds interest and a beautiful layered look and gives the skirt a fullness as if there where more than one skirt there. Cute! Only thing I would change…color change script in the belt, the possibilities could be endless, but I love it black! I sorta feel like a bee…bzzzzzzzz

Shoes, spiky, shiny, kick ass shoes. My good friend CCTV Giant of Shoe Fly has adorned my feet with a personal request for yellow. Could these be more perfect for this outfit? No, I didn’t think so. These are a prerelease of his double strap mule. CC is all about these tall, sassy, spikes and he does a knock at job on them. If you have not been to his store, what are you waiting for? There be good shoes there and boots, oh don’t get me started! Wearing ~

Dress – BT RuffleShirtDress in yellow from Aoharu
Gloves – Part of outfit Rockstar from Emery
Socks – Sculpted Socks in black from Maitreya
Shoes – Yellow Double Strapped Platform Mules from Shoe Fly
RFL Limited Edition Pose set LAP

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