In The Eye

They say art is the triumph over chaos. I wonder what chaos AM Radio has overcome to bring us this new installment? Meet Husk. A solitary, sun drenched and deprived scape of land. Cracked earth, a lone shadow, silence and wind. And as I sit here and write this it reminds me of a movie with Jennifer Lopez and Vincent d’Onofrio called The Cell. Freaky premise in the movie and that is not the correlation I am looking at it was that the cell was the antagonist’s mind. You flipped from scene to scene that were compartments in his mind. It’s a stretch but it’s how I am seeing it. Interpretation of art is subjective and personal after all. Simply put I love the work that AM Radio does. I thought for a few days of what I wanted to capture here before I finally took the pictures. I made the fashion work for me but the pictures that I posted on my Flickr were not about the fashion, they are about Husk.

The outfit had to be something flowing and plain as to not detract from my surroundings. I picked this lovely Egyptian styled dress up at Ivalde’s sale last weekend. Hope you hit that one up, some great outfits marked ridiculously low! I love the simplicity of this dress. The tiny details though are eye catching, notice the detail at the waist and shoulders.

The hair is the only statement I wanted to make here. I have been wanting to wear it since I got it and just never had an opportunity that seemed right. It’s big, it’s heavy and it is exactly what I wanted! If you have not had a chance to hit Husk you really must. As always click everything!

Wearing ~

Hair – Covet in auburn from Sinsations
Jewelry – Cuffs, earring and necklace parts of gift from Mexico sim
Dress – Arsinoe white Egyptian princess gown from Ivalde
Shoes – Gold Mary Janes from Digit Darkes

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