Welcome Home Roxie Carmichael

Back to my roots. I used to never be caught without my tattoos and rarely was seen in something other than jeans. I feel like I have come home from a long time away. Doesn’t mean I am going to adopt my old way but it is a comfortable thing for me and nice change. With a fat inventory I don’t know why it should surprise me that I can still put things on that I have never worn and have had forever.

I will say the jeans are new, I blame that impossible hunt at Trey Dope. I spent and hour standing in DP Serenity looking for those dang pills and well I found that I was staring at clothes mostly, I think that is why they made the hunt so hard. You had a chance to spend a huge amount of time there and the clothes are infinitely more fun to look at than for some microscopic pill. I needed a pill after that hunt let me tell ya!! Whoo, lol.

I paired it up with this great tank from Artilleri. Antonia Marat just knows how to bring my sexy out. It has a sexy drape to the neckline and I love that it gives you a hint of belly. Perfect match with low slung jeans. Oh and my bad, I really didn’t take very good pictures that show you the outfit. I was more interested in my fantabulous new MiaSnow skin so hello face shots and close ups.

To finish everything off a group gift from SLink (looong ago gift) are the lovely little satin mules. Cool shoe; I love the shape and heel. Why haven’t I been wearing these? I am thinking I should toss everything in my inventory that is not clothing related. Well maybe I will do that tomorrow… Weekend kiddies. See ya Monday!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Tri-Hoop Earrings from Celestial Studios
Bracelet – Hairgom from Arai
Necklace -Floral Locket from Coquette
Diagonal in pale pink from Artilleri
Jeans – Jeans 001 from DP Serenity
Shoes – High Heeled Satin Mules in black from SLink

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