Take A Look at Freda’s Fine Fashion

Feature time! Up today is Freda’s Fine Fashion. Huge store, awkward layout but I am willing to travel for clothing. Freda Fredriksson has created quite an array of clothing including a men’s line. I encourage you to have a look at her fun, flirty and sometimes unconventional dresses. I tried on a few and found them very wearable and colorful. I would ask Freda to look at the naming of the items though.

Mod 64

First up is this Indian inspired look. This is a dress loaded with options. I tried quite a few of them and found at least 6. The price tag is a bit steep for me (more than 300) but with all of the options it really does make it worth it. The system skirt has a very neat sheer effect in the middle and would look fine to wear it on it’s own. The flexi skirt come in fluffy long and short styles in a dual layer option for a thinner or more full skirt and let me tell you the movement is really stunning. As I was flipping through poses the dress fell and swirled and draped like dancing air; it would be really gorgeous out on the dance floor.

Mod 65

Next an eye catching number. This dress and many others have a very unique color combination. Here we have an interesting combination of system skirt and flexi prims. The deep grey swath forms a sort of sash belt over gold shorts that flow into a train. I modified it only slightly to hid the prim pieces under the sash. Because of the interesting prim piece in conjunction with the system skirt you have no weird larger than life derriere troubles! The top is a crisscross of purple grey and gold that give you daring hints of skin. An unlikely combination but it really is very pretty and fun!

Mod 67

Last we have by far my favorite outfit. It is a mishmash of different yet similar fabrics. Many layer options here and every build element is represented. Starting closest to the skin with an almost brocade type undershirt that is tied simply at the waist. Over that a white and green shirt with sculpty sleeves that have been rolled up. I would have liked to have seen a prim collar to go with it (hint hint). The skirt is a heap of plaid, lace and floral fabrics that swish with the slightest movement. The glitch pants are short and the skirt moves to show daring lengths of leg. All three of these dresses come in additional colors and I am a bad blogger I can’t tell you how much any of them cost specifically but I know they are all over 300. Pricey but not too terribly off base. Oh and all the dresses I looked at are transfer so perhaps drag your significant other along and hint at a present! Happy shopping!

Wearing ~

Outfit – Mod.064 Flower pattern dress original
Bracelet – Wooden bangles part of outfit LOVERSSUMMER from LVS&CO
Shoes – Sun Shoes in Gold/Red from ShenS Boutique

Outfit – Mod.065 sashes dress gold
Bracelets – Braceys Gold/Pink from Aphrodite Creations (group gift)
Earrings – Dirty Brass Chandeliers from JUNK
Shoes – Sasy Chic in rose from Aphrodite Creations

Outfit – Mod.067 layerset green
Earring – Dirty Brass Chandeliers from JUNK
Necklace – Heart Drop Necklace from Ephemeral Creations
Shoes – Stiletto SlingBack LEATHERCORDS in green from ClassyKitty

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