Temptress of Fate

When I look at the reasons for some of my posts, it typically turns out to be one thing that is the inspiration. Like a pair of shoes I like the color of or a new pose. This outfit totally stemmed from this outrageously incredible hair from Sky Everett Designs. Holy sexy locks! I tried on a few of the other styles as well. I am officially squirreling away acorns to buy the Cerdwin Roccoco with the silver wings. It took 20 minutes to rez but it will be mine kiddies, oh yes, it will be mine *insert insane laugh track here* The rest of the outfit just tumbled out as a result. I adorn myself with designers I LOVE. Obsessively? Yes, I will admit it. Sanfrantabulous woman!

LeeZu Baxter. One of my very first blogs was an outfit that I pieced together from LBD. I remember the day I first stumbled upon her shop that was in near the Minnu store from many moons ago. It was a wowzer moment and I have since coveted all of the lovely LeeZu items! She recently gave this phenomenal dress out to her group and it is so foofy goodness! The large black underskirt is just big and you can almost hear it crinkling as you move. The sheer slip over skirt poofs up and causes the neatest effect in pictures! Loving it.

I dressed up the neck with the single most favored item in my inventory Kyoot Army’s Wilted Wednesday vest. LONG love affair with this store. *Weeps* When will Saeya release newness?? And my last lovely designer Digit Darkes provided super sexeh kicks. The lady can make a shoe, let me tell ya!

So enough blathering on about my clothes I took these pictures at the coolest exhibit at Orange Island. I don’t know how long it will be there but as all the great exhibits are being taken down I would suggest zipping over for a peek before it too is relegated to the ideas yet to come. It’s called Sugar, Spice, Snail and Tails: The Human Element by The Fallipian Fighters Group. It was created for the Orange Island Create Program. From the notecard you receive when you arrive “Visitors to “The Human Element” will forage their way through a series of maze-like tubes leading to different environments representing the opposing forces of life. Each room has a theme, a different feeling and emotion present within the human experience.” Cool no? You would think I would have been smart enough to get the LM. Alas I’m not much of a fore thinker, but if you TP into Orange Island it is on one of the boards and you can TP directly to it. Whew, day saved. I’m worded out. Have a day kiddies!!

Wearing ~

Hair – Tempting Fate in black Sky Everett Designs
Collar/Vest – Wilted Wednesday Vest from Kyoot Army
Outfit – La Vie En Fleur Flexi Dress/night from LeeZu Baxter
Gloves – – Wrist Slits v.1 from Kyoot Army (These were a group gift but were incorrectly labeled)
Shoes – Paris Boot in silver from Digit Darkes

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