The Giant Wiener Wagon

You know those songs or phrases that get stuck in your head on an endless loop? No? Here let me help you… “Thanks Easter Bunny, bawk bawk” “How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? Let’s find out: 1…2…3(crunch) The world may never know” “Hammer time, do do da doot da doot da doot Can’t touch this” Yes, it is a sick and twisted place, my mind. I never claimed otherwise. So when I saw this wiener belt well of course what happened? “Oh I wish I had an Oscar Meyer wiener” For days, it’s a curse. I am hoping that Something will come along to dislodge this jingle from my mind. Perhaps the tootsie roll song! But enough about my warped mind.

Sugar does not get any sweeter than this uber wholesome look I’m sporting today. I got these super cute jeans at Kurotsubaki the other day and I have been dying to wear them. Though they do nothing for my backside the slouchy cuffs more than make up for that. They are a great color and texture and look sexeh on the tummy. Perhaps I need to get a sweatshirt to wrap around my waist. (counts the coins in her pocketbook) Because the tummy is so nice I didn’t want to cover it up and make the look too heavy and hot, it is summer after all. I chose a bright satiny tank in pink and yellow. Yes, the sugar is definitely flowing at this point so I sassed it up with yellow stilettos and yes kept it all fun because of the giant wiener wagon belt. I do so love Nylon Pinkney!

And whoa, pink uber cute to me says Juicy, Gorgeous Yongho’s sim. I have not been there in some time and it’s now a metropolis of who’s who in the virtual fashion world. The place has ballooned in a really great way and deserves an in depth look. The only thing that is missing is a giant wiener cart vendor… “That is what I truly be…..”

Wearing ~
Earrings – Dirty Brass Chandeliers from JUNK
Necklace – Heart Drop Necklace from Ephemeral Creations
Top – Candy peony from DP Serendipity
Pants – Original Jeans from KUROTSUBAKI
Belt – Hot Dog Belt Buckle from NYLON OUTFITTERS (Single piece I added to a belt)
Shoes – Slinky Stilettos in yellow from Maitreya

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