Flashback to Flashdance

“She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor.
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before!”

Who did not love Flashdance? Quintessential 80’s movie! On a recent visit to Sugar Mill I was reminded of quite a few of my favorite 80’s flicks and when I came upon the most brilliant She’s a maniac prop and pose I let out a huge laugh much to the delight of Anicia Medici, goofy creator extraordinaire! Ani has been away with computer troubles for some months and I had to admit I had sort of forgotten about Sugar Mill. When is the last time you where there? Mmhmm, you should head over now. So as I left promising Ani that I would be back more often, I was eager to put together my very own Flashdance scene.

First stop was to hit up the Internet for a video because frankly I was humming the tune in my head and wanted to sing along. Then I starting gathering up pieces. First lingerie shop I went to and I hit the jackpot. This ruffled teddy is almost a perfect match to the one Jennifer Beal sported. And my my does it give a peak at the bum!

Shoes…shoes…hmmm…Shiny Things! Tuxedo shoes with a tiny bow are perfect. While there I also saw the newly released jewelry. I grabbed some beautiful earrings, hard to see in the hair I know so you should go check it out. Several earring styles bracelets and necklaces in gold and silver. To top it all off, literally, went to Zero Style for a hair style I have always looked at but just never really needed. Well refer back to the video, check out her hair after the water hits her. Viola! Wet permed 80’s hair! I’m an 80’s flashback! Thanks to Ani for bringing on all this fun and so glad to have you back creating nuttiness! I will say it again, Norman Bates!!

Wearing ~

Hair – Page in darks Zero Style
Earrings – Florina earrings in gold from Shiny Things
Lingerie – Like Candy in red from Nyte’N’Day
Shoes – Tuxedo pumps in black from Shiny Things

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