Ladder of My Success

Did you take advantage of the super secret group sale at Long Awkward Pose last week? If you did I’m sure you are in the same broke boat as myself. Hard to pass up Dove Swanson’s poses! I have long looked at the prop sets she had created at the suggestion of a friend. The sale gave me cause so here we have the Ladder prop! Tre Loverly! In my endless supply of “Wow, I forgot I had this” I bust out a T-Shirt dress. Not terribly in love with the cap sleeve they seem a little messy but I love the graphics. They aren’t stretched too oddly. I really like the the under tone of the black is brown and red. I had a few necklaces that would have played up the graphics but went with this cute robot necklace from a hunt at Fuel. The dark of the metal goes nicely with the dress as well.

I finished the look off with lace leggings and stripped gloves that again surfaced from the abyss of my inventory! At a lofty location above my house this last weekend I sorted inventory endlessly, unpacking boxes I had long since forgotten and one of those boxes held a gift from Gorgeous Yohongo (Gogolita). Her most ‘Juicy’ slingback shoes is a whole host of yummy colors. The heel cap and the tiny buckle both color change and the fit is perfect, and they are beautifully created. I think I also saw there was a sale, not sure of when perhaps that is over so don’t hold me to it, either way check them out! Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Wearing ~

Necklace – Crystal Bot from Fuel
Gloves – Sexy Joker Gloves in black from Masks and Feathers
Dress – Long Black Graphic T from FTV
Leggings – Glamorous leggings from Sugar&Spice
Shoes – Juicy Slingback Pump in peppercorn from Juicy

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