The Other Side of the Looking Glass

Notice came across one of my groups yesterday about a free item that sounded interesting, not so much for the free item as the place it was being offered, Scarlett Creative’s Through The Looking Glass. I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. I have seen a great many shows based on it’s story and have since coming into Phil’s Place looked for a sim that wraps around the imagination of the story. Scarlett created a land behind the looking glass so my friend Max, in the roll of the Mad Hatter, and I took that step through the mirror to see what we could find. First you fall in blackness and find large flowers but ahead a light, you enter a tunnel and come out into a lovely green garden. We stopped for tea, then off for a dance on the chessboard.

I truly felt like Alice with just a hint of sexy thrown in for good measure. Aoharu has new hairstyles out. Very realistic flexi and I won this super cute do in the lucky chair! Love long pigtails! The dress is actually a nighty. A spontaneous moment had me at Cupcakes and I could not pass up flirty sleepwear. it comes with two bras, one to wear with the prim skirt and I would assume to not. ( I didn’t try it on) It also comes with 3 prim skirts: a shorter, a longer and a poof that is sort of a sneaky look at the fact there is a lack of something under the nighty. I spared you all that lovely picture but I went with daring sexy in the form of lace panties! Scarlett has created fun and Max and I enjoyed our time. You should plan a visit before SL5B is over and the exhibit is taken down. Enjoy! And don’t forget to pick up your freebie hats, funky fun!

Wearing ~

Dress – Nighty! Dress Remake from Cupcakes
Panties – Giselle Pantie in Vin from Hi Standard
Shoes – Almost Free Peep Toe Pumps in white from SKG Shoes

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