Be a Part of the Republic

I routinely read blogs of a few people. A great many more I catch up on every week but I have a handful that I find myself peering at daily. On one such blog I saw a notice that sent me to a new shopping area, Coco Boulevard. Nice set up, big open spaces for shop owners and some not so standard stores to shop in. Quite a few of them have set out gifts and when shopping is available, I shop! I am hopelessly drawn to bright stores and I found one that on the basis of the name alone I am feeling compelled to message the creator and say “You must print shirts with your store name on it!!”

I am talking about the bright and happy store Nutsucker Republic. Tell me that name is not brilliant and I will smack you (I kid, I joke) Not a huge collection in this store but it is really cute and has fun offerings. I immediately was attracted to this cute shirt called Where is your Heart? It comes in a female and male depiction and is sassy in its declaration that men love with their wangers. Silly boys!

I paired it up one of the items you can buy as separates bright pink bikini bottoms. Many other fun items in store. The Nerd shirt is too cute as are all the shorts. And because I am feeling goofy I decided my sugar sweet look could only be enhanced with rain boots or wellies as I like to refer to them. Cupcake wellies, that are perfection in rubber!

I don’t if any of you ever look at my Flickr page. I put a few of my favorite pictures from the set here but there are always more on Flickr. As it turns out I uploaded 11 pictures with today’s outfit. That happens to be the exact number of letters in Glamour Girl. GG is the name of the free pose set Dove Swanson is offering at the Retrology hunt, fair, thingy event for Independence Day. So I aptly named my set after Dove’s generosity. Really cute set too and one I coveted but had to pass up at her sale because I was broke from buying other sets! Thanks a heap Dove!! I send you some socks or something! OK, go forth and be glamorous peeples!

Wearing ~

Jewelry – Signature Color in gold/bright Charm Bracelet & Earrings from Fresh Baked Goods
Shirt – Where’s your Heart? Boy’s Hearts are… from Nutsucker Republic
Panties/Bikini Bottoms – Pink Bottom Seperates from Nutsucker Republic
Shoes – Cupcake Rain Boots from Urban Bomb Unit

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