Houston We Have Liftoff

I have long, long pinned for Windlight. I see peoples pictures on Flickr and around the grid and my heart weeps for said lovely viewer! Last night while hanging out with my most dearest closest friend/lil bro, Babel, I mentioned Windlight. “What’s that?” My heart skipped several beats before I started a mad search in Flickr to show him photographic evidence that my mere words could not convey. “COOL!” he exclaims.

He seems eager to try it out (God I do love those techno dorky types that love technological junk) He downloads and finally thinks he has it going and says to me “Eh, it’s OK” I’m crestfallen of course. I imagine it to be something like Dorothy walking out of her house when she is transported to Oz. Dear Babel is acting like it is Mom’s leftover hash dinner. I am hoping it is because maybe he doesn’t have the shaders going and that he needs to fiddle with it a bit. So I help him out and then eureka, “WHOA!!!” Yes, I know that we have hit the jackpot and he starts snapping pictures. Have I mentioned I love him? Oh but I do! (That is my Bab, the little green Kappa)

So of course because I can’t run WL I ask Bab to take some pictures of me for the blog and he says sure. No whining, no “Are you going to bribe me with cupcakes?”, he just says sure. Because we just happened to be hanging out at a beach I of course threw on a swim suit. It took us a while to get the lighting right and his commands for me to turn and change poses and bless his heart he was nervous to send me the pictures but they turned out great if you ask me. Huggins my lil Bab!

This suit is a reduced price gift from eLDee at the Coco Boulevard location. It comes with a short little green sequin cover up with sculpted sleeves. I love how it looks from the back. The suit does have the eLDee logo on it which I’m just not wild about but it is on the hip and doesn’t draw alot of attention. The suit just has a nice sexy cut and it is a great bargain at 10 smackers. As always thanks to the wonderful content creators who give their beautifully created wares to the shopping rabble! Now I am off to make a list of places I have to drag Babel and his Windlight running machine to. :)

Wearing ~

Suit – Taste of Atoll from eLDee
Bracelet – Blueish & Black Bracelet 3 from Bonita’s Jewelry

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