I recently talked with a very nice person, Ms. Sasy Scarborough. I had of course seen her blog, the many comments she has left for other bloggers, notices sent on behalf of Digit and Aleri Darkes, and her actual person many time. So when I arrived at Addictive for my weekly spree and saw she was there I felt really compelled to go and introduce myself. Sasy is just the nicest. Eager to lend a helping hand and give a word of advice; I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with her. She was also nice enough to pass me a few of the yellow items Digit created that I have long coveted.

This little ensemble is by far my most favorite. I have paired a shrug and low slung pants with an ultra shiny bikini top in a very tummy bearing look. The vibrant yellow Dictator Shrug has the most wonderfully poofy sleeves. It’s so eye catching and I have always been visually drawn to it with the trousers that have the same bright yellow in the plaid. The only change I would make is perhaps a slouchy leg prim for the pants and to make them modifiable. I felt they were a little long but couldn’t adjust them to my leg :( I tried on several shirt options under the shrug, nothing was really striking my fancy until Iput on this top that is part of the Celestial Studios and Last Call collaboration from their PussyCat Halloween costume. I love the super shiny look to the top and thesparseness. I feel it also accented the shrug and made it pop all the more!

Oh, and this lovely skin is from Rosemar’s new collection. This is Smolder make up. Tre chic! If you have yet to make your way over and see the new line she collaborated with Mimi Coral you are missing out! So thank you to those that make this possible: Rosemary Galbraith for creating a skin that fits my shape like a glove and Sasy Scarborough, you’re a class act Sasy, shout if I can ever do anything for ya!

Wearing ~ 

Earrings – Plastic Earrings in black from +plus
Necklace – Antique Floral Locket from Coquette
Jacket – Dictator Shrug in sunflower from Digit Darkes
Top – PussyCat Costume Top from Celestial Studios & Last Call
Belt – Romantic belt DP YumYum
Pants – Digital Trouser in electric from Digit Darkes
Shoes – AC Serenity Shoes in black from Aphrodite Creations

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