Lady Leopard

So Sweet

I’m loving WordPress, I can do so dang many things. Still can’t get my Flickr to work but you can click to get to the page so right now it will have to do. Speaking of do’s I have fallen head over heels for this incredible hair from Shoe Seu. I mean there is nothing about it that has bothered me. I had to do no adjusting, no tinting, no anything but just wearing it on my noggin! Being that it’s a Pompadour, retro inspired items started popping out of my inventory.

Empty Seat

I started with pants I got at the 50% off sale at Aoharu. Tis one of my favorite places to shop, the happy colors just reel me in! machang Pichot does amazing texture work; the creases and folds look really natural and the pants are high enough in the back that my arse isn’t hanging out. Crack kills ya know! I paired them up with a sassy leopard print tank with pink lace straps and neckline. I’m a sucker for animal prints and this is a really crisp clean print. To carry on with the animal print theme I went with a ankle strapped heel and jewelry that is so menu-tastic you really must go and buy it. My Flickr friend Jazzine Jewell had this really neat bracelet that had a bubble poofer. The bracelet I chose also has animal furs in a multitude of color and pattern size option, poofer, metal change. Essentially if you want it to go out and wash your car and make your dinner you could probably find it in the menu of this bracelet. Oh and my earrings do that same thing. Say it with me kids…versatile!

Hollywood Squares

Now before I run off for the day let me tell you about the cool place I took the pictures, American Graffiti, like the movie. The center of the little town has a park with great poses. I mean really good as if they had photographers in mind. The poses move at a slow rate so that you can take a good picture. The picnic baskets hand out really super cool food items as well. For sure you should put it on your places to visit.

Outfit details below the cut…

Wearing –

Tattoo – Live Fast Die Young FADED from Alexitimia Tattoo
Bracelet and Earrings –  – Savannah from Burroughs
Tank – Lacy leo in pink lace from Artilleri
Pants – BT CapriPants in PinkSilver from Aoharu
Shoes – Buckle stiletto in leopard from TART

Pictures taken at American Graffiti

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