Wannabe June Cleaver

X Marks the Spot

I have always liked old movies and shows that were from the 50’s. Woman always wore heels and pearls and somehow seemed more glamorous doing silly things like baking a casserole. It was a time when summer vacations would be spent at the lake with your mother and her friends and you could run wild for three solid months. It wasn’t like that for me growing up. I came about several decades later, my mom never wore pearls in the kitchen and summer was a time where I had to drag my bratty sister along with me everywhere I went. But here I can be that sensational woman with the pearls and the beachfront life.

Pretty baubles

The pieces of this outfit just fell together perfectly. All of the accessory pieces including the shoes have come from hunts and gifts from content creators. The shoes were the real driving force. Annette Voight put out these olive and black wedge pump as a gift when Coco Boulevard opened. The gift is no longer available but there are 13 other lovely colors to choose from and at only 235 a pair (which includes a black and white shoe lining) you can’t beat them with a stick!

So very retro

The green made me go hunting in my dresses folder where I spotted yet another item I have never donned. Sioxie Legendhas a knack for creating textures that look like they have a sheen to them. This dress is no exception. This tropical print dress with it’s full bell skirt is beautifully done. It has a visually interesting halter top that crosses in the back and comes with three cropped sweaters in complimenting colors and a sun hat and gloves. Though I think those (hat and gloves) were gifts at the time; they may need to be purchased now. I chose jewelry that pulled the pumpkin color out of the print. I feel sunny and summery and ever so June Cleaver-ish with my lovely pearls. Eat your heart out June, my outfit kicks ass!

Wearing ~

Earrings – Teardrop earring (simple) from Artilleri (Hunt find)
Necklace – Dark Coral Wrapped Bead Necklace from Bonita’s Jewelry & Furnique
Dress – Siren Sundress in Tropical from SWA
Bracelet – Chunky Bracelet in Copper/Bronze from Flirt (Hunt find)
Shoes – Francisco Wedge in Olive/Black Mix from Decoy

Photos taken at Gatsby Heights

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