This is My City

What a weekend! I made it over to two of the expos but purposefully went with no money so that I would not rash buy. It was definitely a smart move for me cause I was able to spend time looking and really seeing what was there. The Indie Rock Expo had the most incredible layout the games the sounds. Truly I could almost smell the funnel cakes and cotton candy! I met many people I have known by name at the Shoe Expo. So nice to put faces to the names. Lingerie will have to wait for less lag as I heard it was a bear. This way I have something to look forward to.

Today I claim more of my love for Dove. Love, love, love her props. My outfit is a mix of designers. Funky punky stuffs! Have you been to Riddle yet? Chystina Noel has created some great tanks and tshirt and much more. I however was not getting out of the store without this fantastic My Little Pony tank. I will admit I had a slew of these too when I was a tyke. The true score here is that no matter of the ta ta’s the shirt still looks good, that can sometimes render the most adorable top useless! Tank top was calling for jeans but since it is summer I decided shorts would be better. I love the texture work here. Inventive work at play here that has the jeans so short the pockets hang out from underneath. That is a very real attribute and it sold me on them immediately! The skin I am wearing is really light and being that the outfit and boots I had chosen were so dark I felt I needed something to cover the true pastiness that my legs seems to be.

Enter newness from Canimal in these wild mismatched leggings in a zebra print. Bonus that they are really low waisted and don’t peek out above my shorts! The colors also tie into my tank so ubser super bonus! Location…it can be a challenge to find a place that will allow you to put down your own props and prims for photography. I lucked out at Saijo City, which is a metallic and desolate build. Fantastic texture and many interesting vistas. I love the tops of the buildings. It is a RP sim so watch your back, and enjoy the ride! 

Outfit details, click below…

Wearing ~

Tattoos – Henna tattoo from Tuli
Jewelry – Prayer bracelet & P.earring set from :sey
Top – My Little Pony Tank from Riddle
Cuff – Leather wristband from :sey
Shorts – Booty Shorts in dark blue from League
Leggings – WildOne Leggings (zebra) from Canimal
Shoes – Engineer Boots Zipper Brown from Zero Number

Photos Taken at Saijo City

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